Friday, March 09, 2012

Introducing the SheppyBrew Facebook Page

Well, I've done it. Last night, I created a public facebook page for SheppyBrew Brewery. Just to be clear ... SheppyBrew still is not a real commercial brewery. It still only exists in my garage, patio, kitchen, and basement. But it also has a pretty decent presence on the interwebs.

Now, in addition to this blog and the SheppyBrew Website, everyone can get a glimpse into the SheppyBrew beer on facebook here:

Most of my regular readers are also the Beer Master's facebook friends, so most of you have probably already gotten a notification to come like the page. But, maybe a few more of you will come by and check it out too. PLEASE hit "Like" on the page.

Incidentally, last night, one of my brewing heroes, Mitch Steele was the first (besides me of course) to Like the page. If you don't know (although how could you not?) Mitch is the Head Brewer at Stone Brewing Company ... the maker of Arrogant Bastard.

Of course, I've talked quite a bit on this blog about Arrogant Bastard:

If the SheppyBrew Brewery FaceBook page is good enough for the guy in charge of Arrogant Bastard, how can you resist?

Again, come LIKE

Happy Friday everyone.

P.S. I almost forgot ... I also have become "official" on untappd. Check out my SheppyBrew Brewery on untappd:

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