Wednesday, March 28, 2012

6 Gallons @bonfilsdotorg

Well, I mentioned back in January that the next time I gave blood I would get my 6 Gallon pin from Bonfils Blood Center. Well, last night I stopped into a blood bus and donated my 48th pint (which is 6 gallons), and got my "6 Gallon Donor" pin.

Pretty cool, don't you think?

I don't go to the mobile buses as often as I go to donation centers. The other couple times I've given on a bus, it was not very crowded. Last night was pretty busy when I went in and the cramped area seemed more obvious. The bonfils workers did a great job as always, though.

I may have to seek out these mobile buses more often.


Over the weekend, I brewed up my Gringo Cerveza Jalapeño Cream Ale. As you may recall, on this blog I shared that this time I was going to try adding popcorn to the recipe to see how it works in the mash (see Popcorn Beer #HomeBrew). The brew day went real well.

I am not going to share details on this blog (yet) because I just submitted a "guest" blog post to The Homebrew Academy, which is a blog I follow regularly. Billy B (the founder of The Homebrew Academy) and I agreed that I would do 2 blog posts on my Gringo Cerveza Jalapeño Cream Ale. The first one will be up soon. The 2nd will be written in April after I bottle and taste the beer.

Who knows ... maybe I'll start blogging there on a regular basis.

I'll let you all know when the first article gets posted.

My brewing assistant adding popcorn to the mash
EDIT ....
The article posted a few hours after I made this blog post. See Popcorn Jalapeño Cream Ale. Thanks to Billy B for letting me do that.

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