Monday, February 04, 2013

Ground Hogs' Day in Breckenridge

My loving family decided to bring me up to Breckenridge for the weekend before my birthday. Breckenridge is a nice weekend getaway spot for us. We've developed a couple of family traditions there over the years. We go there just about every year for the Duck Races. We also go up there quite often to check out the International Snow Sculpture Championship. As far as I can tell, I've only blogged about last year's (see Beervertising and Snow Sculptures), but we have been several times. Breckenridge is just an easy town for our weekend get-aways.

And, this year, we got-away for the Ground Hogs' day weekend. (aka Sheppy's birthday weekend).

I suppose the Breckenridge Ground Hog saw his shadow (see how sunny it is below). Of course, if he was smart he would not have ventured out into the cold.

Here is my son using his sled as a snow board:

And then, we went to see the snow sculptures. On the way, I took a picture of the boys on top of the Blue River.

And of course, the ice train is pretty cool.

After seeing the sculptures we headed up river. The boys had fun playing in snow piles in and around the river.

It was a very nice day and a very nice weekend.


  1. Your little people are looking awfully puffy in that first pic ;)

  2. I suppose they are. At that point they were pretty cold. By the end of the day all those puffy clothes made them too hot.