Sunday, February 10, 2013

More on the Sour Pumpkin Wit

Do you remember me blending my my Rationalité Poison d'Ereeeek with my Whacko Wife Pumpkin Witbier? If you don't, no worries ... you can go check out my blog post at Blending the Sour Pumpkin Wit. Go ahead ... check it out ... we'll wait. You can continue reading this one when you get back.

So, I blended and bottled back in January. I primed with sugar just as I usually do when bottling. The 2-week carbonation period was over last weekend. I tried a couple of bottles this weekend.

On untappd, I called the combination Poison Pumpkin Sour Wit.

I like the beer.

I was a bit worried that I had added too much priming sugar since the Rationalité Poison d'Ereeeek had some carbonation from being already kegged. The beer is indeed very carbonated. It is almost certainly over-carbonated. But, I did not get any bottle-bombs and I think the high carbonation fits this style of beer.

The beer itself is certainly sour, but the Pumpkin Witbier does a great job of mellowing down the intense sour flavor. The beer is cloudy like a Belgium wit and has a great creamy mouth-feel with a tremendous white head.

I think I like the combination better than I liked either of the individual beers.


Just thought I would share. After all, I promised that I would let you know how it turned out.

If you are a brewer and have blended beers ... leave a comment and let me know how it turned out for you.

Go Blackhawks!

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