Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Still More @Untappd Badges 8

Wow ... it has been over 2 months that I've reported on my untappd badges (see First Month of Untappd and Running for Mayor @BallyFitness , and Some more Badges @Untappd , and Still More @Untappd Badges), and Still More @Untappd Badges 2 and Still More @Untappd Badges 3 and Still More @Untappd Badges 4 and Still More @Untappd Badges 5 and Still More @Untappd Badges 6, and Still More @Untappd Badges 7). Lately, the badges have come few and far between, so I didn't really have very many to share.

But, now I am up to 7 new ones since Still More @Untappd Badges 7 . Here are the badges I've earned since mid-December:

Merry Brew-mas (2012) ... Pretty easy, I drank a beer on Christmas day (December 25th for those of you who don't know). The beer I drank to get this beer was a Double Bastard Ale (2012) by Stone Brewing Co.

Lager Jack ... I checked in 10 different lagers. The beer that got me this badge was a Mañana by Del Norte Brewing Co. Unfortunately, Del Norte recently went out of business, which is sad.

Happy Brew Year (2013) ... Just checked in a beer on New Year's Eve. The beer I had that got me this badge was a 42 SMaSH Pale Ale by SheppyBrew Home Brewery.

Brew Bowl XLVII ... Got this by checking in a beer on Super Bowl Sunday. The beer that got me this badge was a Blue Moon Sunshine Citrus Blonde by Coors Brewing Company.

Birthday Brew (Level 2) ... Had a beer on my birthday. The  beer that got me this badge was a Scottish Ale by Hops Grillhouse & Brewery at Hops Grill & Brewery.

Mardi Gras ... Just needed to check in a beer on "Fat Tuesday". I earned this with a Sasquatch Hunter Düsseldorf Altbier by SheppyBrew Home Brewery while watching the Blackhawks.

And now, according to untappd, I have earned 82 badges. I have checked in 290 separate beers. If you are on untappd, feel free to send me a friend request.

Also, if you have not already ... please go like SheppyBrew on Facebook.

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