Friday, May 24, 2013

3 Balls per Barrel

Remember the whole thing last year around GABF about  Wynkoop's Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout? If not, check out that handy hyperlink I included.

Of course, you remember that my wife and I both tried it at GABF (see 2012 #GABF Friday Night). I didn't taste testicles at all. The Beer Model thought it tasted a little meaty ... almost like a bacon beer. I actually thought it just tasted like a standard Foreign Extra Stout. I didn't taste the 3 BPB at all.

Since GABF, the Wynkoop brewery has actually made more of this beer and even canning it 2-packs (I am not even making that up). I was at my liquor store awhile ago and made an impulse buy of one of those 2-packs.

It is honestly a little weird seeing that sign in a liquor store. The lady who rung up my purchases made a comment about the 2-pack before she realized what the beer was. I just thought it amusing that she commented on the packaging before making a comment about the bull testicles.

Anyway ...

This past weekend, I tried one of the cans of Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout. It was, of course "a luscious uniquely ballsy stout with notes of roasted barley, coffee, and nuts". It was 7.5ABV. I don't know the IBU, but it was not very hoppy or bitter.

I still don't taste the balls. I do get lots of roasted barley and chocolate and coffee. It still simply tastes to me like a Stout. There is a bit too much of an alcohol flavor for my tastes, and maybe a bit too sweet.

So, now that I've been there and tried that, I probably won't be seeking it out again. It just isn't my favorite. I am glad I got to try the 2-pack, though. That 1oz pour at GABF just didn't do it justice.

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