Monday, July 15, 2013

Poll: which Belgium Strong Ale should I brew?

I have not done a "what should I brew" poll in awhile. The last one I did (see What should I #HomeBrew Next?) got lots of responses, although almost half of them came in after the decision was actually made.

The decision I am currently having trouble with is what Category 18 style should I brew?

If you are a regular reader, you probably know that I am home-brewing through the BJCP Categories. My goal is to have brewed at least one beer in all 23 beer categories of the BJCP Style Guidelines. As I type this post, I have 6 categories left.

One of the categories that is in my to-do list is 18. Belgian Strong Ale. There are 5 styles or subcategories in  Category 18, and I cannot really decide which one I want to brew, so I am letting my blog readers decide for me. Vote early. Vote often. Let me know what kind of beer I should make:

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In case you are wondering what all these sub-categories are ... you can look it up on


  1. I currently have 14 votes .... would like to see more, but 14 is pretty good. At the moment we have a tie between Dubbel and Golden Strong. At least need to break the tie. No votes for Tripel surprises me.

  2. This morning, it looks like we are up to 16 votes, and the tie between Dubbel and Golden Strong is no longer there. Dubbel is winning. Still not sure when I'll brew this, so there is plenty of time for things to change.

  3. Got a break of the tie, so I am going to take the results now. Belgium Golden Strong won.