Friday, February 21, 2014

I got an email from a guy at Biking - He was nice enough to point out a couple of broken links I had on Bike to Work Week. Not only did he point out the broken links, but he told me how to fix them. As lazy as I am ... I probably would have just removed the link has he not shared where the new links should go.

Actually, not only did he email me once, but I forgot about it, and he nicely reminded me. I think I got everything fixed on my article.

Thanks, "Jake".

He also asked me to check out Biking -, which I did briefly. I think it is an awesome site for those of us who like to bike. Made me wish for snow-free roads so I can start biking more.

Check it out ....

My bike is just hanging around. Need to get back on it.

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