Saturday, April 11, 2015

More Untappd Badge Catch up

The untappd badges continue to accumulate. I caught up some a couple weeks ago with the post Untappd Badge Catch up. I am still way behind, though, and feel I need another catch up post where I don't include the detail for each badge. If you want that detail,feel free to follow the hyperlink.

Without further ado ....

Here you are some more untappd badges I've earned since 18.5:

 I Believe in IPA! (Level 35, 36, 37)

 Trip to the Farm (Level 6 & 7)

Mardi Gras (2015)

 New Brew Thursday (Level 13 & 14)

 Milk Stout Nitro – St. Patrick’s 2015

 NC Beer Month - March (2015)

 Heavy Weight (Level 18 & 19)

 St. Patrick's Day (2015)

 Hopped Up

 Pale as the Moon (Level 18)

That is it for now. I still have a few more, but I think I am caught up enough that my next post will be just a regular one.

If you ever want to see all the untappd blog posts I've done (including this one) check out the link Sheppy's Blog: Untappd.

Go Blackhawks!

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