Monday, June 29, 2015

2015 Hail Storm Summer Saison

I brewed my Hail Storm Summer Saison on Sunday.

Hail Storm, is the summer version of my Seasonal Saisons series of beers. It is fairly hoppy, and its ABV is a bit on the low end of saisons stylistically. It is pretty light in color. Obviously, it is brewed in Summer. I will drink it in summer. Other than that, there is nothing really making this a summer saison versus a Spring, Autumn, or Winter saison.

It is pretty much the same recipe as last year's Summer Saision, except this year I used Tettnang hops instead of Styrian Goldings.

I am starting my fermentation higher than I did last year too. Last year, I pitched at 58 degrees and it rose on its own fairly quickly. This year, I started the fermentation at 68. I'm still not doing any temperature control, but that higher start point should make for a lower final gravity and probably more Saison Yeast esters.

I got the brew day stared early. Everything went pretty standard except I had to go off to church before I had the wort fully cooled. I left it sitting in the pot at about 80 degrees for a couple of hours.

After getting home, I racked into the carboy and put the carboy in cool water. This got the temp down to 68ish before I pitched the yeast.

Cooling was not ideal, but hopefully my sanitation was good enough that nothing got growing and working in the wort before my Saison Yeast got to work.

I think it will be fine.

This morning, things were going pretty strong, and I did end up putting in a blow-off tube. I am pretty sure this fermentation will need it.

I drink Saison pretty young, so I expect I'll be drinking this fairly soon.

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