Friday, June 12, 2015

June in RMNP Part 2

It is my sister's birthday. Happy Birthday, Mrs. Bluefield.

Well, I told you in June in RMNP Part 1 to expect more pictures ... and here they are ...

Our second full day was one of hiking in the lower parts of the park, close to our camp site.

We started out down the Fern Lake Trail, on our way to Fern Falls.

It is a scenic hike along the Big Thompson River, which is running high and fast right now.

The first spot of interest on the trail is called "The Pool". It is a spot where the river widens out a bit and there is a swirling vortex of water making a pool.

It is a real cool spot.

We hung out there for a bit, but then continued onto the Fern Falls.

Fern Falls were awesome as well. the picture below doesn't do it justice. But, it is what we have ...

Then we headed back down to the pool where we had some lunch.

After lunch, we hiked back out, and on our youngest son's request, we went into Estes Park to tour the famous Stanley Hotel.

I didn't get very many pictures there, and really nothing I care to share. I personally thought the tour was overpriced and a bit boring, but the kids seemed to enjoy it ... especially the ghost stories about the hotel.

On our "get-away" day, we packed up and then headed over to the Alluvial Fan.

It is much different than last time we were there. Recently (or at least since we were there last) there has been additional flooding that wiped out a bridge and the paved path from the parking lot to the river.

Like the other rivers, this one is running high and fast. It is actually pretty amazing.

We had fun in this area too.

We got home safely. I wish I was still there.

That's all I have for now except ...

Go Blackhawks!

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