Tuesday, June 09, 2015

June in RMNP Part 1

This past weekend, the Sheppy family went camping in Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP).

Just as we usually do, we stayed in the Moraine Park Campground. It is a pretty good campground for family car-camping. There are lots of rocks to climb and great views to see. It is a fun place to stay.

One of the awesome parts is the view of Long's Peak. My pictures never do it justice, but I still take one just about every time we are in the park...

We got to the campground on Thursday night. On Friday, we decided to drive up Trail Ridge Road to the West side of the park.

We saw a couple of bears on our trip, but didn't get any pictures.

We saw lots of elk and deer. We got pictures, but nothing great enough to share on this blog.

We saw lots of yellow-bellied marmots. Below is a picture of one on a rock ....

There is still quite a bit of snow up high along Trail Ridge Road ...

Eventually, we arrived on the West side of the park by Colorado River Trail. We had lunch at some picnic tables and then hiked up the trail.

This early in Spring, the river runs fast and high and in fact, we had to turn back because eventually the river was flowing through where the trail was.

It was still a fun little hike.

We did see a moose along the trail, although, again, we didn't get a picture.

It was a full day of fun. We got back to the campsite to relax some before dinner.

We had delicious brats.

Then we had a camp fire.

We slept well that night.

And that was just Day 1. I have more pictures to share for our 2nd and departure days.

Wish we could have stayed longer, but one of us had to get to work.

Stay tuned for part 2 ....

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