Saturday, June 13, 2015

McShepardSons on Independence Mountain

I placed what I hope will be the Sheppy Family's third geocache.

McShepardSons on Independence Mountain

It is currently submitted for review. The only thing that would prevent it from being published is any multi-stage caches that have one of the steps in the area. Unfortunately, I have no way of knowing where all those might be unless I find every multi-cache that might be anywhere close to this area. I didn't see any multi-caches particularly close, so I think my chances are pretty good.

This one is very similar to Sheppy McShepardSons (take II), which I hid back in April of 2014. This one is in a very similar container. It has lots of toys in it. It shares a similar name. It is even technically in the same park.

McShepardSons on Independence Mountain, though, is up a much steeper trail than the first cache. The hiding spot has much nicer views as well. Unfortunately my pictures don't do it justice, but trust me, it is a cool spot.

I actually scoped out the area almost two weeks ago, deciding basically where it would go. After finding the spot, I covered my container in camo duct tape and filled it with trade items. So, this morning, I had everything ready to go.

It took me 36 minutes to climb to the top and make the hide. We'll see if I can significantly improve my time next time I visit.

And there it is in its hiding spot .... 

Hopefully the reviewer will accept this spot. I think it is a really good one.

Also ...

Inside the cache, I included my newest travel bug ... Guacamole Jr.

Guacamole Jr. is, of course, a tribute to the tragic story of Guacamole, my first travel bug. I keep hoping that Guacamole will magically pop up somewhere. Maybe its time to accept that he is never going to come back and that I should just let his memory go.

I have high hopes for Guacamole Jr., though. Since his first home is a cache that is somewhat difficult to get to, I'm hoping the first person to grab him will be someone who knows how to treat travel bugs.

We'll see.

Good luck, little Guacamole Jr.

Go Blackhawks!!


  1. You're correct.Guacamole is fun to say.

  2. McShepardSons on Independence Mountain was reviewed and published without any problem. As I type this comment, there has not yet been anyone logging in a find yet.