Sunday, May 29, 2016

19 Miles a Day

You may have come across this on Facebook or Twitter, but I have signed up for

The Great Cycle Challenge.

Great Cycle Challenge encourages riders across the United States to challenge themselves and set their own personal riding goal throughout June to fight kids' cancer.

I'm not literally fighting cancer by riding a bike, of course. The bike riding is simply a mechanism to ask people to give money to the Children's Cancer Research Fund, which is dedicated to finding a cure for childhood cancer, funding innovative research, family services and education to improve the way families experience cancer treatment and life afterward.

For more about the Children's Cancer Research Fund, follow this link.

If you have some money you want to donate to the cause ... I'd appreciate another pledge. You can donate on ...

At one point ... when I thought I wasn't going to get very many more pledges ... I made the comment on my page that:

"I've decided that I'll add another mile to the goal for every dollar over my donation goal I get."
Very soon after making that comment, my two biggest pledges came through, basically increasing my dollars pledged to $560. This meant that I had to increase my miles to 560. That is almost 19 miles of biking a day.

19 miles isn't a whole lot, but 19 miles a day for 30 days is a bunch more than I've biked in a LONG time. I'm sure I can do it, but I'm also sure it won't be real easy. It isn't just the mileage. It is finding a couple hours a day every day to get bike rides in.

Knowing that this challenge was coming up, I've been biking towards the end of May.

I joined Strava (see my page at

I record my bike ride it fitbit so I'll get credit for the miles on fitbit.

Fitbit is syncing to Strava. I have to edit my activity on Strava because for some bizarre reason, the fitbit app doesn't have the ability to "record" a bike ride.

Strava then syncs up to

It is a lot of moving parts. So far, it seems to have worked, but sometimes the sync from fitbit to Strava takes long enough that I think it is not working.

Oh well.

Anyway, if you are interested in following me on Strava ... feel free ( If you follow me, I will probably follow you, so keep that in mind when you decide.

Also ... if you happen to be doing the Great Cycle Challenge, let me know. I'll be glad to post your page on facebook, twitter, and even this blog if you would like.

And certainly, if you don't want to ride yourself, but do want to donate to help end childhood cancer, please consider making a donation at

It would be really cool if I had to ride even more miles in the month of June ...

My legs will be tired, but it is totally worth it ...

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  1. I just got another donation. My new mileage goal is 595. 20 miles a day.