Thursday, June 02, 2016

Day 1: Great Cycle Challenge

Just a couple days ago I mentioned on this blog that I was participating in the Great Cycle Challenge. (see 19 Miles a Day)

The Great Cycle Challenge raises money for the Children's Cancer Research Fund.

At the time, I had committed to riding 560 miles ... almost 19 miles a day.

Since then, I got another pledge, which forced me to increase my goal to 595 miles. I have committed myself to ride 20 miles a day in June.

If you want to make me do even more (or if you just want to check up on to how I'm doing) ... feel free to visit

So, yesterday being June 1, I officially began my challenge month riding by riding my bike to work.

This ride is 14 miles (one way) and took me about an hour. The ride home was also 14 miles. After I got home, I went for another bike ride and then did stationary biking at my health club.

After day 1, I've ridden 54.5 miles, so I'm easily on track for the goal. It is only day 1, but I feel very good about how I'm doing so far.

According to strava, my rides included almost 1,500 feet in elevation gain as well, so this isn't an easy 54 miles so far.

Out of 731 people participating in Colorado, My goal of 595 miles ranks me 33rd.

When I looked late last night, the miles I'd ridden so far ranked me 5th in Colorado. I'm number 122 overall.

Not bad. I'm certainly not going to keep up this pace for 30 days, though.

Stay tuned on this blog. I'll be sure to give you a few updates thoroughly the month.

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  1. I got another donation, bringing up my mileage total to 645. I'm still way ahead on my goal. But, again, it is very early.