Thursday, June 09, 2016

Week 1: Great Cycle Challenge

Well, I've been doing this "Great Cycle Challenge" thing for a little more than a week, and I've gone a little more than 210 miles for the cause.

Feel free to go out and look at my Great Cycle Challenge Page.

In order to accomplish the 645 miles that I've committed to, I need to average 21.5 miles per day.

After 8 days, I'm averaging a little over 26.5 mile per day, so I am easily on track to complete the goal.

I do need to work a little bit on increasing my cushion between what I've ridden and what I need to do, because I think there will be whole days toward the end of the month where I won't be able to ride at all.

But, that shouldn't be too difficult to accomplish.

I've done some Mountain Bike riding. I've done lots on my "road" bike. I've even done some on the stationary bike at 24 Hour Fitness.

Last Saturday, a Black Bear wandered across my path about 50 or 100 yards ahead of me. The picture above is the best photo I got of him.

He wasn't real interested in sticking around for me to photograph. That was fine with me.

According to my dashboard, my mileage ranks me 7th in Colorado and 247th in the entire challenge.

Not bad for a middle-aged home-brewing couch potato.

I have not gotten any more donations since the Day 1: Great Cycle Challenge. If you would like to make a donation, feel free to on

I do feel ok with the amount that I raised, so make the decision based on wanting to help the children. Not me.

I'll probably report on my progress on this blog another couple times this month. Stop by and check it out.

Of course you can track my mileage daily on ... Eric Shepard's Great Cycle Challenge Page

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  1. Thanks for the update. I've been wondering how it's going, but haven't made it over to the website to check it out.