Thursday, June 16, 2016

Great Cycle Challenge: Halfway Through

Well ... the month of June is half-way done.

Yesterday, the Ides of June, was "Kick Cancer's Butt Day". Every donation made (up to 250,000) to the Great Cycle Challenge was matched by various anonymous donors and sponsors.

Pretty cool, but I wish this would have been announced / implemented sooner. I didn't feel it right to ask people who have already donated to donate again for the double credit. If I would have known it was coming, I could have mentioned it and let people know to hold off donating.

Oh well. I did post to my facebook page that the matching was happening. My total dollar amount did increase a little because of it.

Feel free to go out and look at my Great Cycle Challenge Page to make a donation or just to see how I'm doing.

As a reminder, I've commited to ride 645 miles in the month of June. 21.5 miles a day.

Half way through, I've logged over 380 miles, which puts me a little ahead of the pace I need to keep for the month.

I would like to be a little farther ahead, because I know there are days toward the end of the month that I will be unable to ride at all. 

I think I'll be ok, though.

Last weekend, I dragged my family on a bike ride. Neither my wife nor kids do much single-track riding. They did pretty well.

The photo above shows my wife and youngest child a bit behind, but making it. The photo below shows my oldest child stopped at a creek. 

I hoping next week to really log a bunch of miles to put me in a more comfortable position for finishing out the month.

We'll see how that goes.

I do want to mention (because at least a couple people have asked), I am not doing this ride because it "hits close to home". I am blessed to have healthy children who are not affected by child-hood disease of any kind.

I do find the idea of child-hood cancer inherently unfair and heartbreaking. It makes me sad to think that children have to deal with such a thing. I can't imagine that I would handle it nearly as well as the kids who are fighting the disease do every day.

My motiviation for picking up this cause is actually a little selfish. I'm using the fund raiser to "force" myself to get exercise. I certainly have not logged this kind of mileage on my bike .... maybe ever ... but certainly not since I was a kid myself.

The public nature of the Great Cycle Challenge has made me get on my bike several times over the past 15 days that I would have simply skipped had I not had the external "motivation" to make me do it.

I may be getting more out of the Challenge than the "drop-in-the-bucket" that I've raised will help the children.

Anyway ... that being said ... thanks to everyone who has donated and helped push me. Even though this is selfish to me, the Children’s Cancer Research Fund (CCRF) is a great cause and does appreciate the monitary support.

I'll probably report on my progress on this blog at least one more time this month. Stop by and check it out.

Of course you can track my mileage daily on ... Eric Shepard's Great Cycle Challenge Page

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