Tuesday, April 09, 2019

2019 Q1 SheppyBrew Stats

It blows my mind, but the first quarter of 2019 is over. But, it is. It really really is.

As you may know, the Brewery likes to post quarterly updates on how much we have brewed. You can see all these updates (including the one you are reading right now) by following this link: Sheppy's Blog: Brew Stats.

The SheppyBrew Brewery had a big Q1, brewing 6 batches of beer and 30.5 gallons:
Arctic Vortex Winter Saison

So, I am on track for well over 100 gallons this year. Interestingly, 2018 Q1 SheppyBrew Stats also shows 6 batches and 30.5 gallons. Obviously, I won't keep up this crazy pace all year.

As I mentioned in SheppyBrew 2018 Year-End Brewing Stats, I want to get more new recipes done this year. So far, out of the 6 batches, 4 have been new (Popcorn Barley Rye (PBR), Mardi Bock, 5th Season Blood Orange Saison, Bridge Fog California Common). Last year I did 8 new recipes, so having done 4 already is a great start. I did great 3 new recipes in last year's Q1

Popcorn Barley Rye (PBR)

In SheppyBrew 2018 Year-End Brewing Stats, I also mentioned that I want to brew more lagers this year. I've already brewed 3 lagers (if you count the California Common ... which I do). Last year, I didn't brew any lagers in Q1, and only 2 lagers all year. So, I've already brewed more lagers than last year and hope to do more going forward this year. (Popcorn Barley Rye (PBR), Mardi Bock, Bridge Fog California Common)

Mardi Bock
Obviously, I have to put an asterisk by Bridge Fog, because technically I think most people consider it a "hybrid" rather than a lager. I am counting it as lager because it uses a lager yeast. But, I understand those of you who wouldn't count it. However, it is my beer and my blog, so I get to decide.

5th Season Blood Orange Saison

I am pleased with all the beers I've tried so far (Bridge Fog is still in the fermentor, so I don't know how it tastes yet). 5th Season Blood Orange Saison tastes great, but doesn't have quite the blood orange flavor I was hoping for. I'll have to try to brew it again and tweak the process and/or recipe to get more of that flavor in there.

Melting Stream Spring Saison brew day

Another thing I mentioned in SheppyBrew 2018 Year-End Brewing Stats, was that I had a SheppyBrew website issue that I wanted to fix. In case you missed SheppyBrew.com Update, I did fix that issue in Q1. 

As far as Q2, I don't have anything specific that I'm planning other than continuing to try to brew more lagers and more new recipes.

Bridge Fog California Common brew day

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Go Rockies!

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