Friday, March 06, 2020

Sunny Rise Wheat (batch 249) and Smoked Pork

I brewed and barbecued this past weekend.

I was up around 3AM to start seasoning a pork butt and getting the Weber ready to go.

The meat was on a little before 4AM. 40 degrees internal temperature.

Then, I went straight into brew day for Sunny Rise American Wheat, which is basically a wheat malt base hopped like I do my Bohemian Pilsners.

Around 4:45 AM, I had the mash started.

Everything went well on both the smoked pork and the brewing.

Around 6:30, I was sparging, and the internal temperature of the pork read 108.

By 6:47, I had started my 90 minute boil timer. My pre-boil gravity was perfect. The meat was at 119 degrees.

I got all the hop additions in at the appropriate times.

5 ounces of hops is a lot.

Before 8:30 I was chilling the wort. My OG was perfect. The meat was at 156.

Around 9:20 I had the beer in the fermentor and the yeast pitched. The meat was at about 160, so it was time to wrap.

And with the meat wrapped, I opened the Weber's vents to let the pork cook.

I went on a long bike ride.

When I returned from the bike ride, the port butt was reading 203 internal temperature.

It was super tender and I put it in a cooler to rest until dinner time.

The pulled pork was delicious. I still am pulling my large cuts of meat off the smoker sooner than I would ideally like to. I guess early is better than having to wait for dinner.

This pork butt only took a little over 9 hours to cook. I plan 12 hours.

Anyway ... The beer is fermenting now.

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Go Blackhawsk!

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