Friday, April 03, 2020

2020 Q1 SheppyBrew Stats

I know it is difficult to believe ... but the first quarter of 2020 is done.


As you may know, the Brewery likes to post quarterly updates on how much we have brewed. You can see all these updates (including the one you are reading right now) by following this link: Sheppy's Blog: Brew Stats.

Arctic Vortex Winter Saison
The SheppyBrew Brewery had a huge Q1, brewing 7 batches and a whopping 35 gallons. I'm almost positive that this is the most volume of beer I've ever brewed in in a quarter. I'm on pace to brew 140 gallons of beer in 2020!

I'm sure I'll slow down.

Galena Dave's Pale Lager

The beers I brewed this quarter were:
Stone Soup IDA

Of the 7 batches ... 3 were new recipes (Galena Dave's Pale Lager, Sunny Rise Wheat, and Dudocs Best Bitter)

Galena Dave's Pale Lager is the only lager I brewed this quarter.

Sunny Rise Wheat
Dudocs Best Bitter was a rare extract recipe for me.

Melting Stream Spring Saison was my 252nd batch of beer since I started brewing in 2009.

I've brewed Buckwheat's Belgium Pale Ale 11 times.

Buckwheat's Belgium Pale Ale
One of the things I've started was brewing one beer inspired by each of my Colorado 6 Pack beers from 2013.

Stone Soup IDA was the first of these homebrews, inspired by Tommy Knocker Hop Strike.

See Sheppy's Blog: 6 Pack Project to follow along with that series of beers.

Dudocs Best Bitter

And, of course, I continued with my Seasonal Saison series of beers with both Arctic Vortex Winter Saison and Melting Stream Spring Saison.

I brewed Melting Stream Spring Saison with the Beer Model, so I don't have to worry about sticking below the 100 Gallon legal limit

So far, it seems like the Covid 19 mess isn't affecting my brewing. Actually, I might actually be brewing more recently than I would have without the whole stay-at-home orders here in Colorado.

Melting Stream Spring Saison

I'm not sure what Q2 will hold for the brewery. I'm pretty sure that since Q1 was such a big quarter, Q2 will be a light quarter, but of course we'll see.

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If you specifically want to check out these Quarterly Reports, bookmark Sheppy's Blog: Brew Stats.

Everyone be well and stay healthy. 

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