Wednesday, April 01, 2020

2020 Melting Stream Spring Saison (Batch 252)

It is Spring here in the Front Range of Colorado.

This means fairly nice warm weather followed immediately by beautiful snow falls followed by sunny melting warmth.

This might be my favorite time of the year.

It also means that it is time to brew Sheppy Brew's spring version of the Seasonal Saisons.

Melting Stream Spring Saison

Melting Stream is the lightest in color of my Seasonal Saisons and uses slightly different hops than the traditional noble hops that the rest of them use.

It is nice and dry letting the Lemon Drop hops shine through. A beautiful spring saison. Wonderful to drink both on those snowy and Sunny March and April days.

Earlier in the week, I place on online order at my favorite local brew shop ... The Brew Hut. And, stopped by to pick up the package on Tuesday.

Luckily, The Brew Hut apparently is allowed to stay open during the Colorado Stay-at-Home order.

The Beer Model had mentioned that she would be brewing with me, so I was not able to start as early as normal.

Before she was up, I made a starter, made sour dough starter, prepared brewing water, and shoveled some snow off the back patio.

And then FINALLY at around 9AM we were able to start with Mash in.

And then we watched the first episode of Season 3 Ozark while waiting for the enzymes to convert the starch into sugars.

It was a long mash. The recipe calls for a really low mash temperature to try to help dry out the beer, so I let it go a long time.

But, eventually we got to wort collected for the boil. The boil for this recipe is also longer than most of my recipes ... 90 minutes.

We started out a little low on the volume and a little high on the gravity, but we decided to wait to see how things went before adjusting.

It was fairly windy and the propone tank was pretty low. I had to restart the burner a few times.

It wasn't until almost 1PM that we started filling the fermentor.

The Beer Model actually helped with clean up a little this time, and that was done by 2pm. Then, I went out for a bike ride.

As I write this, the Melting Stream Spring Saison is bubbling away in the fermentor. At some point, I'll add dry hops to the primary.

I suspect I'll be drinking this just after Easter.

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Take care and be healthy everyone.

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