Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Foothills India Pale Ale

If you follow this blog, you may remember that I decided to brew one beer to represent each of the beers I had in my Colorado 6 pack years ago.

See Homebrew Colorado 6 pack if you need a little reminder.

The first of these beers was Stone Soup IDA, which was very similar to the Hop Strike Black IPA that Tommyknocker brew pub used to make.

Second up on the list was Odell Brewing Company's IPA.

I've never really brewed a beer based on it, but the AHA has an Odell IPA Clone that I was able to borrow for pointers.

So, I went ahead and made a recipe using the Odell IPA Clone as the base.

Now, as I look at Odell IPA Clone and compare it with Foothills India Pale Ale, I think I may have meant to get back to this recipe, because mine doesn't have anything close to the number of dry hops as Odell's.

But anyway ....

I got started early in the morning, before the sun came up. My mash started at 5AM.

The mash went fine. Both my pre-boil gravity and my volume were a little low, so either I didn't get quite the efficiency I'm used to or the grains were a bit short.

It wasn't enough for me to really worry about.

The boil went fine too.

I used a hop spider, which is something I don't really do all that much. To be honest ... I'm just not sure I FEEL like I get all the hop goodness into the brew when I use one.

It was nice to keep the hop matter out of the wort, though.

I guess we'll have to see how this beer turns. out.

And ... I chilled the beer to about 90 with the hose. I then used the pond pump with ice water to get down into the 60's.

And into the fermentor it went.

I was actually pretty much done with brew day and most of the clean up before 9:30.

I was able to get a bike ride in before smoking ribs for dinner.

I think I might order more hops and modify the recipe a bit on the dry-hop side. I'll try to remember to let you know when / if I do that.

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Take care everyone!

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