Thursday, June 04, 2020

Colorado Strong Pale Ale (Batch 257)

With all the Covid-19 Shelter-in-Place and Safer-at-Home directives, the small local businesses all struggled to stay in business.

Colorado craft breweries obviously were affected.

Left Hand's Brewing Foundation came up with a fund raising idea to try to help local breweries ... The Colorado Strong Fund.

Basically, they came up with a recipe and bought ingredients for breweries to brew it. Several of the local breweries I visit signed up.

Seeing this, I asked if I could get a homebrew recipe, and the answer was "yes". I made a donation to the fund, and they sent me the recipe.

The recipe they sent included locally produced malts, hops, and yeast.

Of course, I made a few minor modifications, but for the most part stayed as true to the recipe as I could.

Because the idea is to raise a little money, I am not posting my recipe on the SheppyBrew Website yet ... but there is still a "recipe page" here ...

So ... I got my ingredients last week. I made a yeast starter on Saturday. My wife and I biked to JoyRide Brewing and picked up a crowler of JoyRide Brewing's version of the beer.

Sunday morning ... I brewed.

The brew day went well. I hit my pre-boil gravity.

I got all my additions into the kettle at the right times.

I got the wort cooled most of the way with my hose water. Then I got the beer down into the low 60's with ice water recirculated with a pond pump.

I got the yeast pitched and clean up pretty much done before 11AM.

After brew day, I biked to Locavore Beer Works and picked up a crowler of their version.

Later in the afternoon, I grilled some chicken legs and my wife and I shared the crowlers from JoyRide and Locavore.

We also played yard games.

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Take care and be healthy everyone.

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