Sunday, July 11, 2021

Vortex Steaks and Corn

On the 5th of July (Independence Day Observed), I had some ribeye steaks and corn on the cob to grill.

As you may remember from First Vortex Use, I received a (knockoff version of ) the Vortex, and I mentioned that it could be used in various configurations.

Monday, I thought I'd try another configuration. I turned it upside down and placed it towards the side of the trusty Weber kettle, filling it about 75% with lit charcoal.

I then started reverse searing the steaks with pecan wood chunks for awhile.

15 minutes or so into the smoke, I added the corn on the cob with the husks still on.

When the steaks reached 125 degrees or so, I pulled them off, wrapped them in foil, and stored them in a cooler.

Then I let the corn cook over the coals for awhile.

15 minutes or so before dinner, I pulled the steaks out of the cooler and seared them over the coals.

After the steaks were done, I brought them in to rest and unhusked the corn, placing them on the coals for a few minutes to add minor char.

The steak and corn turned out wonderfully. It was a great Independence Day Observed meal.

I'm liking the "Vortex". I like the size for reverse searing steaks on the kettle. The area of the "upside down" vortex is about perfect for the 26 inch kettle.

Take care, everyone. Go Cubs!

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