Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Grist Brewing Company (Rare)

If you've been following along on my Sheppy Brew's A to Z Denver Breweries series of posts ... you know that usually the Beer Model (aka my wife) and I try to bike to various breweries around our area.

About a year ago, we bought her a new Pedego E-Bike, which helped tremendously increase her biking range, and allowed us to cycle at about the same general speed.

I know a lot of cyclists look down on E-Bikes, but I personally am a fan. I think our situation where I cycle a ton and she doesn't is a perfect example of what is great about them. She and I can ride together without either one of us being frustrated by the speed or intensity of the ride.

I had never ridden one, though. This past Saturday, I decided to give one a try and rented one at a local bike shop ... GoodTurn Electric Cycles.

And what better destination to try, but the next brewery on our list ...

Rare by Grist is located in Lone Tree, Colorado close to the Park Meadows mall at 9535 Park Meadows Dr,Unit F, Lone Tree, CO 80124. It is only a couple blocks off the C470 bike path, which is very convenient for cyclists such as ourselves.

We started our ride on the Platte River bike path close to the C470 path, making it around a 10 mile bike ride. 

With the peddle assist on the e-bikes it didn't really take us long at all to reach the Brewery. 

It isn't labeled real well, and there isn't great bike parking, but it is a fantastic space.

There are all kinds of things to look at inside the bar / brewery area. I could have taken tons more pictures than I did. But then, they really would not have done the decorations justice. You'll have to visit yourself to get the full affect.

As usual, we ordered a couple of flights. This is a brewery that serves food, so we ordered brunch as well.

They have a nice up-to-date menu online. If you'd like to see what all they have as you read this ... check out their menu.

Our first flight was:
  • Allied Frenzy | American Pale Ale | 5.89%
    Another member of Grist’s AF series (American As F#@$). Brewed with Citra and Mandarina Bavaria (a German hop which is totally a nod to us Allies giving Jerry a right ole thrashing during WWII) this beer is as American as apple pie, with hop flavors and aromas of pineapple and lemon and bitterness from Amarillo. It’s hoppy. It’s citrus. It’s fruity. It’s craft. It’s delicious. It’s Allied Frenzy… it’s American AF!

  • Kveiking Rex | European Pale Ale | 6.6%
    Invading our brewery is the Kveiking Rex, the king of pale ales! This European Extra Pale Ale is brewed with Norwegian Kveik yeast, bittered with Amarillo and finished with a viking’s shipload of English Fuggle hops. With prevalent but subtle hop flavor, the yeast in this beer stands out with unique tropical, citrus notes. As the vikings say, “Too much ale and a man's heart is laid open for all to see.” Drink responsibly… and often.

  • The Childe | Dark Mild | 3.76%
    Who said easy drinking beers had to be pale? Introducing The Childe Dark Mild, the quintessential British session beer. This low ABV, low calorie brown ale has a surprising amount of caramel, malt flavor without all the body, so you can keep them coming one after the other. Made with the traditional English Fuggle, this casual drinking chivalric brew is a perfect companion for your quest for fantastic beer.

  • Vaudevillain | Vanilla Porter | 6.62%
    Grist Brewing presents to the stage – for the first time ever – our rip-roaringly roasty, dastardly dark ale… Vaudevillain Vanilla Porter! This blackguard of a beer is made with roasted malt brewed on 100% pure Madagascar vanilla. Bittered with Summit hops, flavored with Fuggle, our rakish porter is sure to entertain!

Flight #2:
  • Trippinwitz | German Pilsner | 5.4%
    Named from the German term ‘Treppenwitz’ meaning a smart comeback you think of AFTER the argument is over. This sharp, witty German-style Pilsner beer is made with lager yeast from a former German monastery. It’s a crispy golden lager that’s cold, lightly bitter and refreshing as all get out. 

  • Blondie Appleseed | Blonde Ale | 4.78%
    "Once I had a love. It was in a pint glass." This tart blonde is as American as... well we think you know where we're going with it! Brewed with apples from the Pacific Northwest, American yeast, American hops and a fair amount of wheat – this golden apple ale exhibits a subtle tart sourness to compliment the sweetness from the fruit juices, bitterness from the hops and richness of wheat grain. We hope you love it one way or another!

  • Octo | Creame Ale | 5.1%
    Light, crisp, refreshing. Light body, medium sweetness and low pleasant bitterness combine for an easy drinking beer the entire family can enjoy. Drink it eight days a week! 

  • Crimson Crow | American Red Ale | 5.8%
    Malty, slightly sweet, well rounded. This is your quintessential pub smacker; aromatic amber esters smooth and biscuity. A bit o' bitter from the hop, a bit o' sweet from the malt. 

Flight #3:
  • Elephant Hunter | Indian Brown Ale | 6.56%
    For those of us that can’t decide between malty or hoppy – this full-bodied India brown has both! Cashmere hops add complex, fruity overtones while complimented by medium bitterness of Amarillo hops. All this is balanced with a sweet roasted caramel malt bill that makes this twist on a classic style the best of all worlds.

  • Tragic Hipster | New England IPA | 6.0%
    Juicy, balanced and not so bitter, our Tragic Hipster Hazy IPA offers a subtly tropical variety for all you trend setters out there eager for pounds of subcultured, dry hopped goodness. Sharper than a high fade, cloudier than a Denver post-rock concert, this NE-IPA is here to stay.

  • All & Westerly | West Coast IPA | 7.1%
    Piney, bitter, dank as hell. This is a traditional West Coast IPA, hop forward yet balanced. Sharp in the mouth till it’s all gulp and – hahhhh!

  • Barrel-aged Rapscallion | Foreign Export Stout | 8.9%
    This barrel-aged version of our ever so roguishly delicious Dark Rapscallion Foreign Export Stout has been aging in whiskey barrels from Rocker Spirits in downtown Littleton for a year and half. It's lusciously dark and roasty with flavors of coffee, chocolate and extra alcohol notes from the whiskey.

All the beers were great. We liked them all. The Beer Model's favorite was the Trippinwitz. I wasn't able to declare a favorite. They were all too good.

And the food was fantastic too. I had a Shrimp and Grits. The Beer Model had Bacon Benedict.

After beer and food, we got back on our e-Bikes and headed back down to the mini-van.

Since I had the e-Bike for the whole day, I let the Beer Model drive the mini-van back home with her bike while I raced her home. She won, but not by too much.

I showered and rested a bit and then took off again on the rented e-bike around my usual riding spots. It was fun. I actually pushed it pretty hard and got a good workout.

I am not ready to own an e-bike yet. I actually think it would be a nice thing to have when (if) I ever get back to going into our office for work. But, honestly, I still prefer a bike that is powered completely by my own legs.

Some day, maybe. Not today.

So ... it was a great day. 

We got another brewery checked off the list.

Next up ... "H". We've picked one out on the Colorado Brewery List. You'll have to keep watch on Sheppy's Blog: A to Z and you'll find out what we end up going to.

Take care everyone!

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