Thursday, January 11, 2024

New Year's Ribs

Happy New Year!

I got a couple of BBQ gifts over the holidays that I thought were really cool, and that I really wanted to give a try.

I'm really a fan of the BBQ Pit Boys and especially their youtube channel.

I really thought it would be cool to have their "Customized 10" Chapter Knife" with "SheppyBrew" on it.

My in-laws were kind enough to buy me one for Christmas.

The knife also came with a container of one of their BBQ Rubs.

Pretty awesome! For dinner on New Year Day this year, I smoked some Spare Ribs, which gave me an opportunity to try out both the knife and the rub. 

When I make Spare Ribs, I generally trim them up to be mostly rectangle (St. Louis cut). This big 10" knife makes it much easier to trim compared to any of the other knives we have.

It was so nice.

I generally make my own rubs, but since I had some of the Kansas City Smoke rub, I decided to use that on these ribs.

I trimmed and applied the rub on New Year's Eve.

Then, around noon the next day, I started prepping the Weber Kettle. I got the ribs on the grill a little before 12:30 pm.

I let the meat smoke low-and-slow for a couple of hours.

I don't think the "oven temp" got over 250 for the first 2.75 hours, which is when I decided to wrap the ribs.

I wrapped with some butter and honey along with some of my kombucha around 3pm.

I let the meat cook another couple hours in the wrap. The temperature was closer to 275ish during this time.

Around 5:15 or so, I unwrapped the ribs and applied BBQ Sause to finish up for another 30 or 40 minutes.

These turned out just about perfect. They were not quite fall-off-the-bone, which is exactly where I like ribs.

I thought the flavor was really nice.

Yummy New Year Holiday dinner.

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Go Avalanche!

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