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SheppyBrew 2023 Year End Brewing Stats

So ... as I'm typing this, we still have a couple of weeks left in 2023, but I won't be brewing again this year, so I can actually report on my 2023 Brewing Stats.

Last year, I mentioned that I was on a downward trend on my brewing totals since the ridiculous amount I brewed in 2020.

All year, I've been saying that this year will continue that downward trend, despite evidence to the contrary every quarter so far this year.

But, with a slightly lower brew total in the 4th quarter, I did end up lower than 2020, 2021, and 2022.

In the 4th quarter, I brewed 5 batches of beer for 25 gallons:

4 beers including Falling Leaves and Humdinger
This puts me at 23 batches and 118 gallons of beer for the year. That isn't real far below 2022, but still less volume of beer brewed.

Of those 5 batches, 3 were new recipes (HumdingerGolly JeepersX-Mas Ale). For 2023, that means I brewed 14 new recipes. I only brewed 11 new recipes in 2022.

I only brewed 1 lager in the 4th quarter, putting me at 6 lagers for the year. I thought I'd end up with more, but that doesn't really bother me at all. I brewed 7 lagers in 2022, 10 in 2021, and 7 in 2020.

Humdinger of a Hootenanny

I expect I'll brew more lagers in 2024, but I guess we'll see.

I've pretty much given up on room temperature Pressure Fermentation of lagers, so I will likely do more "traditional" cold ferment lagers. Well ... my lager process isn't exactly "traditional", but  you know what I mean (or maybe you don't ... maybe I'll explain my lager process in detail sometime later).

All of my batches were "all grain" this year, and I didn't brew any "double" batches. All but 3 were brewed in my Anvil Foundry.

Golly Jeepers Wild Mango Ale

As I mentioned in 2023 Update on the 2021 BJCP Goal, I brewed a lot of styles that I had never brewed before. If I'm counting correctly, I added 11 new styles brewed. I haven't really tracked that in the past, but I'm sure that is more than any year since I was a new brewer.

I believe that with my "Roll-a-Style" list, I'll add quite a few new styles in 2024.

X-Mas Ale 2023

Golly Jeepers was the first sour beer I've brewed in quite awhile. I used "Philly Sour" to ferment that beer. I think I'd like to try another sour beer using Philly Sour at some point.

I forgot to add the grits to Humdinger of a Hootenanny, and I think I'd like to re-brew that beer with those grits.

Decemberfest Brew Day

I think that is all I have to say about my brewing stats.

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Happy Brew Year everyone.

Go Blackhawks!

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