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Roll-a-Style 20 ... 20A. American Porter

After Roll-a-Style 11 ... 14C. Scottish Export, I couldn't help myself ... I wanted to Roll-a-Style beer.

In case you are not familiar with the concept ... I made a list of BJCP Styles that I've never brewed, and assigned them to the numbers 1 - 20. When I want to brew, but am not sure what style to go after, I "roll" an online 20-sided die. Whatever number I roll is the style of beer I brew next.

I rolled a:

According to my most recent list, "20" corresponded to the BJCP Style 20A. American Porter.

A malty, bitter, and often somewhat hoppy dark beer with a balanced, roasted, and frequently chocolatey character.

I asked Bing Copilot 

"Can you give me a full volume 5.5 gallon recipe for BJCP style 20A. American Porter?"

But, after the original question I had to follow up with these prompts to get to a recipe I thought was about what I wanted:

  • Can you make this an all-grain recipe?
  • By "full volume" I mean no sparge.
  • I don't have Willamette hops, but I do have Cascade and Centennial.
  • I will keg this beer, not bottle, so I don't need priming sugar. What is the final recipe?
  • Let's round up the 2-row to 11 lbs and the munich malt to 1.5 lbs.
  • Let's substitute midnight wheat malt for the chocolate malt.
  • Let's use US05 yeast (not wyeast or whitelabs).

It certainly would have been quicker to just design the recipe I wanted, but for some reason it is fun for me to play with the AI.

After all that back-and-forth, the AI gave me this recipe:

**Final All-Grain Recipe for 5.5 Gallon No-Sparge American Porter:**
- **11 lbs** of 2-row pale malt
- **1.5 lbs** of Munich malt
- **8 oz** of Midnight Wheat Malt
- **8 oz** of crystal malt (60L)
- **2 oz** of Cascade hops (1 oz for bittering, 1 oz for flavor)
- **1 oz** of Centennial hops (aroma)
- **1 package** of Fermentis Safale US-05 yeast

**Brewing Instructions:**
1. Heat the full volume of brewing water (approximately **7.5 gallons**) to about **7°F** above your target mash temperature.
2. Transfer all the water to your Mash/Lauter Tun (MLT) to pre-heat it for a few minutes.
3. Mash in the grains and maintain a stable mash temperature of **152°F** for **60 minutes**.
4. After the mash, vorlauf to clarify the wort and then collect the wort directly into your boil kettle.
5. Proceed with the boil, adding 1 oz of Cascade hops at the start of the 60-minute boil for bittering.
6. Add another 1 oz of Cascade hops with 10 minutes left in the boil for flavor.
7. Add 1 oz of Centennial hops at the end of the boil or during whirlpool for aroma.
8. After the boil, cool the wort, transfer to a fermenter, pitch the US-05 yeast, and ferment as usual.

**Kegging Instructions:**
- Once fermentation is complete, transfer the beer to a sanitized keg.
- Carbonate to your desired level, typically around **2.2 to 2.6 volumes** of CO2 for an American Porter.
- Let the beer condition in the keg for at least **1-2 weeks** before serving to allow the flavors to mature.

This should give you a delicious American Porter with a clean fermentation profile. Enjoy your brewing! 🍻

At this point, I have not entered this recipe into Beer Smith. I'm thinking this recipe might not be dark enough for what I want with an American Porter, but other than adding some more Midnight Wheat, and maybe some modifications to the timing of the hops based on balancing alpha acids, I think this recipe is pretty close to what I'll brew.

I don't know when I'll brew this, but next time I don't have anything specific recipe I want to brew this will be what I go to.

Anyway ... now my Roll-a-Style list looks like this:

NumberBeer Style
125A. Belgian Blond Ale
23C. Czech Amber Lager
35A. German Leichtbier
49C. Baltic Porter
510C. Weizenbock
612C. English IPA
713B. British Brown Ale
814A. Scottish Light
926D. Belgian Dark Strong Ale
10Historical Beer: London Brown Ale
1110A. Weissbier
1215C. Irish Extra Stout
13Historical Beer: Lichtenhainergg
1416A. Sweet Stout
1516C. Tropical Stout
1626C. Belgian Tripel
1716D. Foreign Extra Stout
1817A. British Strong Ale
1917C. Wee Heavy
2017D. English Barley Wineg

My "Bench" now includes:

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Go Rockies!

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