Tuesday, June 11, 2024

More Training for Triple Bypass

If you follow the SheppyBrew Facebook and / or Instagram pages, you might have noticed that I rode a long bike ride on Saturday.

Another "training ride" for the Triple Bypass that I'll be riding in mid-July.

I started at my house in Littleton, Colorado at around 5am and went over Juniper Pass, down into Idaho Springs and then up to Cabin Creek Brewing in Georgetown.

The ride was over 64 miles and I climbed over 7,400 feet of elevation.

My wife was kind enough to meet me at Cabin Creek so I didn't have to ride all the way back home. 

Since this ride was over 100 km, it extended my #MetricCenturyEveryMonth to 35 straight months. 

The ride up Juniper Pass seemed tougher than the My House to Juniper Pass ride from the May #7100MilesIn2024 Progress post, but that might have been my imagination as I actually seemed to have climbed the main Juniper Pass segments in less time.

The views were spectacular, and I wanted to stop to take more pictures, but I didn't want to break my momentum ... so I refrained during the climbs themselves.

One thing that I've been thinking about is that I generally burn at least 800 calories an hour biking, and probably significantly more while climbing.

It is extremely difficult to take in that many calories during the ride. Luckily, I have plenty of fat stores to help out, but part of what I need to practice is trying to keep eating during the training rides.

I did consume a super high-carb drink and quite a few energy bars during my ride (in addition to 3 liters of water from my camel-bak), but that isn't close to the 4,600 calories I burned during this ride.

I guess I'll just have to do the best I can and hope for the best.

I was extremely hungry for lunch when I got to the Brewery

I also noticed that the ride along the I70 corridor from Idaho Springs to Georgetown was very hot, and it should be even hotter in mid-July.

My plan has been to only carry two 22-ish ounce water bottles during the actual Triple Bypass since there are support stops along the way, but I'm wondering if I should also bring my camel-bak.

There is plenty of time to figure it out, I guess.

I thought Cabin Creek Brewing was fantastic. I didn't have as many beers as I would generally during usual brewery visits, but the beers I had tasted great to me.

The food was particularly delicious too. To be fair, I would have loved just about any "real" food after all that riding.

I didn't realize until I got there, but Cabin Creek Brewing has a series of yoga classes on some Saturdays. Coincidentally, Saturday was the first of those classes. This was very convenient for my wife because she was able to attend that while I was on my long ride. It worked out perfect as I arrived just as the yoga class ended.

So, I'm still thinking that based on how I've been doing on these "training" rides, the 118 miles of the Triple Bypass shouldn't be too terribly bad on me. 

It certainly won't be easy, but if I can do the rides I've done so far, the "real" ride shouldn't be too much worse.

Plus I still have over a month of time to get more rides in.

If you're interested in following along, keep an eye on Sheppy's Blog: Triple Bypass.

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