Monday, June 03, 2024

May #7100MilesIn2024 Progress

If you've been following along on this blog (or various social media outlets), you might have seen that I'm Training for Triple Bypass.

On July 13th, which is fast approaching, I am riding 108 miles with about 10,800 feet elevation gain.

Considering how many Century Rides I've done in the Denver area, 108 miles doesn't concern me at all.

10,800 feet climbing was a little bit of a concern because I had never done anything close to that in one day.

So, after my April #7100MilesIn2024 Progress post, I've been working on getting more long climbs in.

As a result, I've really made huge progress on my #7100MilesIn2024 goal, and even more progress on the #11EverestsIn2024 goal.

At this point, Strava says I'm about even on the 7100 miles and I'm well ahead on the 319,352 feet climbed.

In May alone, I logged over 805 miles and over 50,000 feet climbed. I'm sure that before the Triple Bypass, I'll continue to log considerable miles and elevation.

Keep an eye on Sheppy's Blog: #7100MilesIn2024 and/ or Sheppy's Blog: #11EverestsIn2024 and/ or Sheppy's Blog: Triple Bypass, and I'll continue to let you know how I'm tracking.

Month         Actual miles        YTD Miles
January         350 miles        350 ytd  -50
February         561 miles        911 ytd+111
March         604 miles       1515 ytd+315
April         576 miles       1600 ytd+493
May         806 miles       2899 ytd+799 
Month         Goal miles        Goal YTD
June         700 miles       2800 ytd
July         800 miles       3600 ytd
August         800 miles       4400 ytd
September        1200 miles       5600 ytd
October         700 miles       6300 ytd
November         400 miles       6700 ytd
December         400 miles       7100 ytd

Of course, I also extended my #MetricCenturyEveryMonth streak with a couple of rides (including one from My House to Juniper Pass).

Since July of 2021, I've ridden at least one 100 km (62.2 miles) ride. This makes the streak 34 straight months.

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