Monday, December 09, 2019

Peppermint Porter (Batch 245)

I was looking through the most recent Zymurgy Magazine a few weeks ago and came across a beer recipe for Peppermint Porter.

This particular recipe caught my eye because the peppermint flavoring was from something I've never thought of.

Peppermint Tea.

I've always used peppermint extract, which, to me, sometimes add sort of an artificial peppermint flavor to beer.

I thought I should give this a try. My wife always tells me that her favorite X-Mas Ales are the ones that have peppermint flavoring in them.

I thought that giving Peppermint Tea a try would be useful research for future considerations.

Obviously, I can't just follow a recipe from a book or magazine, so I designed my own little porter recipe ...

Thursday, December 05, 2019

Spatchcocked Cherry Wood Smoked Thanksgiving Turkey

Well ... you may remember that last year I smoked my first Thanksgiving Turkey.

In Cherry Wood Smoked Thanksgiving Turkey, I mentioned that I would probably spatchcock the bird next time I smoked a Turkey.

Well ... this Thanksgiving, was my second opportunity and I did indeed spatchcock the bird.

In case you don't know what spatchcocking is ...

Real quick ... when you spatchcock a bird, you basically cut out its backbone, which allows you to lay the bird flat while it is cooking.

Some people call it "butterflying" the bird.

People do this because it is supposed to more evenly cook the bird. It is also supposed to speed up the cooking process.

To be honest, I've tried it with chickens, and have not found that the spatchcocked chickens turn out better than my "regular" method of cooking a bird.

After this Thanksgiving Turkey ... I am still of the opinion that I prefer birds that were not spatchcocked.

Monday, December 02, 2019

L is for Lariat Lodge Brewing – Littleton


It was only a couple weeks ago that I posted K is for Kitchen, Lowdown Brewery +

And, as you probably know, L comes right after K.

Don't believe me .... look it up.

As I mentioned in K is for Kitchen, Lowdown Brewery +, I had an L brewery in mind. Three are actually plenty of "L" breweries in the Denver area. Even when I eliminate the ones I've been to, I still have a few I can use in the future.

The brewery I had in mind is very close to my house and this location only opened up this past summer.

I was actually quite excited to try it out. And ... the Friday after Thanksgiving, the Beer Model and I did go check it out.

Big L, little l. What begins with L?

L is for Lariat Lodge Brewing – Littleton
L. L. L.

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