Sunday, August 15, 2010

Another great weekend

I woke up this morning in Colorado Springs.

We headed down south yesterday to go to the Cheyenne Moutain Zoo. You can look at yesterday's blog entry for pictures of the zoo. It was an awesomely perfect day, and a wonderfully awesome, uniquely wonderful zoo.

After the zoo, we checked into a hotel where we got to swim in the pool for an hour or so. Then, we headed downtown to the Phantom Canyon Brewing Company where we had a nice dinner and my wife and I had some really nicely brewed beers.

I actually slept through the night (somewhat rare for me) and the boys were even able to stay quiet until past 7 this morning (its like a miracle for those two things to happen the same night/morning on a weekend).

After our continental breakfast, we headed over to Garden of the Gods to look at the spectacular rock formations. I'll post pictures of that sometime this week if I get a chance.

Headed home. Mowed the lawn. Got the boys to help me clean out and somewhat organize our messy shed. It is funny because I got them to do an hour and a half of hot tiring work in return for letting them watch 23 minutes of Sponge Bob. I am such a mean dad, and yet, I am ok with it.

Now, I am sitting in the shade of my backyard, sipping a Sheppy Brew while blogging on my phone. In 20 or 30 minutes, I will start up the grill and make some cheese burgers (krabby patties for the boys).

Honestly, it is hard to imagine a better life than I have right now.

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