Monday, August 02, 2010

Geneva Park Campground

We went camping this past weekend at Geneva Park Campground, which is one of the campgrounds along Guanella Pass Road.  It was a pretty nice campground.  We had fun there.

Saturday, we drove up to the top of the pass, way up above the timber line.  We hiked up there for a few hours.

Daddy ended up carrying each of the boys.  He is either getting too old or the kids are getting too big.  Maybe both.

This photo (right above) is as high as we got.  I do not know the elevation, but it was pretty high.

For lunch, we came back down and hiked on the Mt. Bierstadt trail for a little while until we came across this little area by a little mountain lake.

After a few hours above timber line, we came back down and rested ...

... and played a bit.

The boys and Daddy went hunting large, dangerous game.  You can see the boys fighting off vicious attacks from wild animals while Daddy videos.

The boys took care of setting up the wood for the campfire.

It rained pretty hard on us, but we kept the fire going and stayed under the canopy as needed.

It was a great trip.  We'll have to go back to Geneva Park again sometime.


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