Sunday, August 08, 2010


I started out my weekend early Saturday by going to give blood. The experience was not quite as smooth as usual. I actually had a bit of a wait, and I did not get quite the same warm friendly feeling from the staff there. I did not recognize anyone. I suppose my regulars could be on summer vacation. They got my blood out ok. I got a beach towel for giving today. One more donation and I will get my 5 gallon pin. That is a lot of blood.

Then after talking for what seemed like forever about what to do for the day, we finally decided to go to the Argo mine in Idaho Springs. My wife and kids were just there a couple weeks ago. Apparently they liked it.  I let my wife drive.  Sort of a weird experience.

Argo was pretty interesting, and since we were in Idaho Springs, we got to eat at TommyKnocker Brew Pub. They still had their Hop Stike ... Black rye ipa, which is the best beer I have had there. Unfortunately it is a seasonal which means it probably won't be around for long.

Then of course we had to stop at the train in Idaho Springs. Connor won't let us skip it when we are in town.

Came home from Idaho springs. Connor has been asking for a long time if he could spend the night in the backyard. Today I finally stopped with excuses and set up the tent for him. When it came right down to it, he decided he did not want to spend the night in the tent by himself. Can't say I blame him.

Sunday, I got up early and bottled some Buckwheat's BPA. As you may recall (but might not), this was my first attempt at brewing all grain. The sample taste was lighter in color and body than I remember the partial mash versions of B BPA. That is ok. I am going to call this the light version. I filled up my 5 liter party keg as well. Hopefully I will have some sort of party or picnic to bring this to. I do not think I can drink 5 liters of beer in one sitting.

I looked at my sisters blog. She cheated again by posting multiple videos yesterday on different entries. I just can't keep up.

Went to church. Mowed the lawn. Worked on the computer. Typical Sunday.

That was the weekend.

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  1. Remember? I'm letting you win because you're making a beer for me (did you notice that this time I put 2 videos in 2 of the posts, instead of doing separate posts?)? Anyway, I'm all caught up on videos, and I haven't been able to post to blogger from home for almost a week now, for some you've got a very good chance to win it legitimately.