Sunday, August 08, 2010

Whisky Wife Wheat

One of my very first beers was named Whisky Wife Wheat.  It turned out well.  It was a nice light American Wheat beer.

The next time I brewed it, I changed the recipe to make it more of a German Hefeweizen.  That beer turned out well too.

But, I got to thinking that really something named after my wife (Whisky Wife ... the Sheppy Brew beer model), should be a bit more Blue Moonish in its flavor character, so the 3rd time I made it, I used a Witbier yeast and some coriander and orange peel along with a healthy dose of flaked oats (oatmeal for most of you).  3rd time was a charm, because Whisky Wife Wheat II is absolutely worthy of the name.  Its silky smooth light slightly oat - wheat flavor with just enough orange coming through is really a nice summer, blue-moon-type beer.

Just because I had some Mr. Beer wheat ingredients, I made another Whisky Wife Wheat with the Witbier yeast and orange with corriander.  On this one, I over-did the orange peel, and it really does not have the nice smoothness that comes with the flaked oats, but it is still a nice light summer orange beer if you are in the right mood.

The beer on the left is Whisky Wife Wheat.  The beer on the right is Whisky Wife Wheat II.  II is better, but I is not bad either.  II is the recipe that I am going to follow whenever I brew a Whisky Wife Wheat.

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