Friday, May 20, 2011

Interesting / Amusing "news"

So, you may remember that I have a couple of online "news papers" at (see

They are:
These "papers" are based on tweets from tweeters that I "follow" on twitter. I actually don't do much on twitter. There are automated tweets from this blog, and, but I don't actually go to twitter much to make my own tweets or see what others are tweeting. My two online papers, however do a pretty good job of compiling things that are interesting and / or amusing to me.  The SheppyBrew Weekly is more beer-related, and the Esheppy Daily is a more general compilation of things I'm interested in (which of course also includes beer). 

For example, just today, I found out that New Belgium Brewery is looking to open a new location out East sometime later in the year. I find that very interesting. A bunch of the interesting craft brewing news that I know about is because of these papers too.

Quite often, I find out about beer blog updates from one or both of the papers. The Beer Wench, BrewGasm, and the girls from Boobs and Breweries are regular "contributors" to my papers, and I would not usually know about updates to those sites if not for my papers.

But, by far the best part of these "news papers" are some of the videos that make the "Media" section. Of course, you facebook readers will have to actually go to my blog to see these embedded (although I did post some of them on facebook recently as well).  Here are some recent good ones:

The best video I've seen in a long time is Beer Song by ElbowSkin. It made me laugh-out-loud, and I really enjoy the tune as well. This was contributed by The Wobbly Thong who is a beer blogger in Australia.

Beer Song by ElbowSkin from Alister Robbie on Vimeo.

Another LOL (for me) is Turtleneck & Chain and Michael Bolton singing about Jack Sparrow. This one might just be my screwed-up sense of humor, but I do find it hilarious for some reason. NOTE, if you are sensitive to profane language, you might want to skip this one.  I think The Beer Wench posted this one.

Breckenridge Brewery posted a few "Truth in Beervertising Commercials" that amuse me.  These are not LOL, but they are pretty funny, especially for beer geeks:

If you touch it and it's cold, then it's cold .  This is a shot at the stupid indicators on certain BMC beer bottles that tell you when your beer is cold.

I'm actually not sure how many non-beer-geeks get how stupid Miller Lite's "Tripple Hopped" advertising gimmick, is, but it has always annoyed me. Breckenridge Brewery's "Sevendruple-Hopped" commercial takes a shot at that.

 Lucky U IPA is probably the funniest shot at the macro-brew advertising.  Obviously, that is just my opinion. You might think one or more of the others is funnier.

And of course the "Gravity activated pouring." commercial is sort of a subtle shot at some of the weird things the BMC breweries are doing to their bottles to make pouring more interesting.

And this one ties all these truth in beervertising commercials together:

I have not seen these Breckenridge Brewery commercials on T.V.  I am assuming I just miss them because I rarely watch T.V. live and usually zoom through the commercials. But, I suppose they might just be youtube videos and never actually on T.V.

But, anyway, these are some of the things that come up in my "news papers".  They amuse me, so I thought I would share. Some of you probably think these are funny too.  Some of you probably don't think they are all funny. If you don't think any of these are funny, I don't think you have much of a sense of humor.

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