Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Twitter Feed Test

Well, you may know that this blog gets imported into my facebook notes.

Facebook's import process frustrates me because quite often it stops working for awhile. When I report an issue with the import, I get an email back saying someone is looking at it and it might help if I send a screen shot of "the error". There is no error to send them. The process just stops working for awhile.

As I am composing this entry, facebook has not imported my last 5 blog posts (Cider Drinking and Breast Flashing; Interesting / Amusing "news"; New Tommyknocker; Another Popular Post (Breasts); Record Breaking!)

I've decided to give up on Facebook's import process. Instead, I'm starting to use twitterfeed.com . I already use twitterfeed to "tweet" my blog and updates to SheppyBrew.com to twitter (http://twitter.com/esheppy if you want to follow my tweets). Since facebook has its own little utility to import blogs into notes, it has always seemed silly to use twitterfeed to post to my facebook wall, but since I've given up on the facebook utility, I'll go ahead and do it.

So, this is a test post to see how it works. If you are my facebook friend, let me know if you like this the same, better, or worse than reading my blog as a note.

I am just adding this picture to see how (or even if) it show up on my wall:

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