Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Stanley Cup Finals are here!

So, the Stanley cup finals are about to start. With all due respect to the NCAA final four and the Superbowl, I think the Stanley Cup finals are the most exciting of all sports' championships. I know I'm in the minority on that opinion.

The Vancouver Canucks play the Boston Bruins. The Canucks came into the NHL in 1970 and have never won a Stanley Cup (although the Vancouver Millionaires won one in 1915). The Bruins have not won one since 1972. Both these cities are good hockey towns and I have to assume that a win for either team would be exceptionally exciting for each fan-base. I can't imagine it will be as exciting as it was to see the Stanley Cup return to Chicago last year, but I might be biased about that.

If it isn't the Blackhawks that win the cup, I am at least happy that someone who has not won one in awhile will win it. I'm certainly happy that the evil Red Wings cannot win this year. I'm also happy that none of the newer warm-weather teams are going to win.

If I have to pick (and of course I do have to pick), I'm gonna cheer for the Bruins. I am always more likely to cheer for original 6 teams (excluding the evil Red Wings, of course) as opposed to everyone else. Plus, I am still a little bitter that the Blackhawks got knocked out of the playoffs by the Canucks. The green guys still annoy me, and I there is just something about the Sedin twins that bothers me.

But, quite frankly, I'll be fine if Vancouver wins as well.

Go Bruins!

Unfortunately, I still have a fair amount of TommyHawk APA to drink while watching the finals.

Picture from

It looks like hockey is returning to Winnipeg.  Of course, I am not a fan of having hockey in cities like Atlanta, and I certainly approve of moving the team back to Canada. Now, if we can get NHL hockey out of Phoenix, Dallas, Florida, Carolina, and Tennessee, things will be even better. I certainly hope that Winnipeg can support the team. It will be the smallest market in which an NHL franchise exists. I was under the impression that when the Jets moved away to Phoenix, it was a financial decision. I guess (according to the article I linked above) most of the financial factor was the fact that Winnipeg was not providing a new arena for the team to play in. Apparently, the building is no longer an issue.

A few weeks ago, I gave a link to Forbes NHL Team Values 2010. Atlanta is certainly not a money-making prospect for hockey. Canadian teams (generally speaking) are at least making money, so I would think that the new Winnipeg team would at least be able to financially outperform Atalanta. I guess time will tell.


By the way, I mentioned a couple days ago how May broke this blog's all-time record of "page views" in any month. As expected, not only was the record broken, it was blown away. My total ended up 37% over the previous record month and up over 55% over April. Of course, I mentioned that "Cider Drinking and Breast Flashing" was already on the all-time list and rising fast. Well, it is now #1 on the list. It is only a few above "Tweedle beetles", but certainly has the momentum to remain #1 for a long time.

As of yesterday, I have been added to the "Complete List of Beer Blogs" on the Beer Bloggers Conference website. I don't know how much traffic that will give me, but hopefully getting on that list will do something positive to my "readership". I may have to make an effort to post more beer content to remain worthy of the list.

That's it for now. Time to watch some hockey!

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