Monday, June 27, 2011

Happy Anniversary

Well, I guess today is this blog's 6th anniversary. On June 27, 2005, I made my first blog post. I still am not sure why I blog, but I must have some subconscious reason if I've lasted this long. Despite the fact that my blogger stats tell me differently, I still sometimes feel no one is reading this blog. I'm a terrible writer and really don't have much interesting to say. The blog lacks any type of focus, so even if a particular reader finds one of my posts interesting, chances are the next one will be so utterly uninteresting to that same reader that they will stay away forever.

I guess as I am listed on the "Complete List of Beer Blogs" on the Beer Bloggers Conference website, you might call me a beer blogger, or at least a home-brew blogger. "Brewing" is certainly the most common tag on the blog. But then, there is just too much random junk on here to call it a beer blog, isn't there? My second most common tag is "Kids", which doesn't really fit with brewing at all (although it is surprising how often my blog posts include something about my kids AND something about beer.

One sort of cool thing about this blog for me is going back and looking at old posts. And one thing that is interesting about looking at the old posts is seeing how much my kids have grown in what seems like such a short amount of time.

Not too long ago, I was looking at my blog stats. For the day, there was one pageview on "All Aboard!" from January 2008. It featured this video:

Not sure how someone came across that post after all this time. But seeing that made me want to look. It struck me how little Connor was back then (as compared to now). After I watched the video, I spent some time looking through other pictures of the kids I've posted on the blog.

I guess I did not do quite as good a job of posting pictures of the kids here when they were really young, but here are some I did come across a few.

THIS is what they look like relatively recently:

Compare that to just a few short years ago:

A picture from a Boy's Weekend Camping trip (

Another picture from that Camping trip (

Connor in his Baby Adventure

The boys as Male Lions and/or Male Grizzlies

The boys posing with Theodore
And of course, it is pretty easy to go and see lots of pictures using the "kids" tag.

Isn't it amazing how much they have grown ... or is it just me, a sentimental father?

Well anyway, happy anniversary everyone.

P.S. For what it is worth: last week, my "stats" told me that the blog had reached 10,000 "page reads" since blogger started the stats feature (July 2010?). I suppose that indicates that someone is at least seeing the blog.

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