Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Got my G.A.B.F. Tickets

One of the perks of being an AHA member is that I got to purchase GABF tickets before the general public. The member's "pre-sale" went live at 10:00 AM on Tuesday June 28th. By 10:05, I had my tickets ordered. An even better perk is that I will be able to get through the members only entrance, which (based on last year's experience) will save me a considerable amount of time getting into the event.

I stole this picture from the GABF site photo page.
One of the cool things about attending GABF is seeing all the interesting costumes. Of course, the sexist chauvinist pig that I am, my favorites were worn by women. I thought this year, the SheppyBrew Beer Model would like to wear some sort of Beer-Wench-type costume. I even pointed her to some possibilities on . She has informed me that she will not be purchasing a Beer-Wench outfit for the festival. She is planning on wearing her Stone Brewing Company "You're not Worthy" tee shirt, which is a pretty good choice too. It is beer related and it does show off her chest nicely.

Of course, GABF doesn't take place until the end of September. It does always sell out, but I probably didn't have to purchase my tickets right when the pre-sale started. We certainly don't have to nail-down our outfits for the event, yet. Just thought I'd share that I have taken the first step to attend this year.

One disappointing thing is that Mr. Beer is not planning on attending this year. I actually had fun helping out in their booth last year. I guess I'll have more time for beer sampling now that I won't be covering the booth, but I was planning on spending some time with them this year. Oh well.

If you would like to partially re-live my GABF experience from last year, check out GABF Final Session and Random Thoughts and the links on that blog post. I'm sure I'll blog about this year's GABF as well.

Beer Model with the pretzel necklace.

Another great outfit from last year's event. I stole this from the GABF picture albums.

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  1. I got an email yesterday (the day after pre-sale tickets went on sale) that the members-only session was already 70% sold out. I guess I am glad I got mine ordered right away.