Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Fermentation Video

My Quarter Life Crisis Hoppy Red Ale is fermenting away. Those yeasties are getting a heck of a workout. I am not sure what kind of quality the uploaded video will be. Hopefully you can see the activity.

I hope the krausen does not get too much bigger. Perhaps I'll need a blow-off tube.

In case you want to read more about the brew day see "Brew day: Quarter Life Crisis".


Ok ... I've decided to add this video to youtube as well. I'm seeing which video seems better, the one from youtube (below) or the one uploaded straight to blogger (above)


  1. Have you had any problems cleaning your Better Bottles? I've just started to use mine for primary fermentation. Last time I used a food-grade bucket and the better bottle for a secondary. It seemed to clean out well enough after the secondary. Nice to see someone using the same setup that I'm using. Cheers!

  2. Well ... to clean the BB carboy, the only issue is the line at the top where the kraussen sort of dried on.

    The steps of my process are:

    1) I clean out as much as I can.

    2) Then, I let the whole thing soak in a solution of warm water and PBW or Oxiclean Free for a few hours.

    3) Then, I drain the carboy except for a couple inches of water.

    4) I throw a washcloth in and turn the carboy upside down and sort of spin the whole thing so that the washcloth spins right along the kraussen line.

    5) Does that description make sense? This process seems to work well for me. I am certainly open to other suggestions.