Wednesday, July 11, 2012

#IPADay Returns

It is coming back. Yep, even says so (see IPA Day Returns on August 2, 2012). My Daily #IPADay and #StoutDay News is starting to get activity again, so at least some people are preparing for it.

I suppose you could say if there is anything worse than a made-up Hallmark holiday, it has to be a fake Twitter #MadeUpHoliday.

You could say that, but I won't. I would much rather celebrate American hops than St. Valentine. Plus, I certainly don't want to risk subjecting myself to the wrath of The Beer Wench.

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Of course, I contributed to the craziness last year (see Hoppy #IPADay and @IntlBeerDay), so I am likely to do it again this year.

I am not sure what I am doing for #IPADay, yet. I am looking forward to figuring it out.

Stay tuned.

What are YOU doing for #IPADay?

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