Sunday, July 01, 2012

Sorry. I lied

Early yesterday, I prematurely announced that this blog's "page view" streak was over.

I was wrong. Yesterday turned out to be a very active Saturday and before the end of the day, June had 23 more "page views" than May.

I should have waited. I apologize.

I also listed Sheppy's Beer Can Chicken as the #7 most viewed page of the month. By the end of the day, it was up to #2 for the month.

A big part of the reason I got the extra Saturday traffic is that I posted a question on the Mr. Beer forum:

I recently made some Beer Can Chicken for the first time (blogged about it at Sheppy's Beer Can Chicken).

I never really knew that it was somewhat controversial (
Beer can chicken NOT a good idea at all! and Debunking Beer Can Chicken: A Waste Of Good Beer (And It Is Dangerous)

Has anyone else ever made it? How did it turn out? Are you pro or con Beer Can Chicken?

I got lots of discussion on the forum and apparently the fact that I included a link to my blog sent people to this blog. No one left a comment here, though.

100% of the beer nerds who responded were PRO Beer Can Chicken.

Some of the guys mentioned using soda instead of beer. One guy mentioned that an empty can seems to work just as well. A couple guys mentioned they use other containers instead of cans so the lining is a complete non-factor.
Here is a gadget you can use from Fleet Farm

One of the guys brought up:
I doubt that there's any more hazard from what little plastic coating the can may have than there is from the charcoal itself, which many people (whom I refer to as "kooks") say makes whatever you cook rife with carcinogens. [see the forum post for his entire quote]

Anyway, today, I am still planning on grilling a chicken. Most likely I will share how it turns out.

Stay tuned.

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