Saturday, July 21, 2012

Drinking the Wetta Berry

SheppyBrew's Raspberry Wetta Berry has finished carbonating and I have now had a few.

In case you need a refresher, I blogged about making Wetta Berry in Wetta Berry Mr. Beer Batch.

I blogged about adding raspberry puree to it in Raspberry Wetta Berry.

I blogged about Kegging and Bottling Wetta Berry in Kegging and Bottling Wetta Berry.

It is ... well ... it tastes like it has a lot of raspberry in it. In my opinion, it has too much raspberry in it. Even the Beer Model said "Maybe" when I asked her if it had too much raspberry in it.

The exact quote was "Maybe ... but I like it".

She is obviously not very helpful when it comes to critical feedback. She pretty much refuses to say anything negative about anything ever. This is probably a good thing, because there are a bunch of negative things most wives would constantly say about me ALL THE TIME.

So the fact that she said "Maybe" that it has too much raspberries in it probably means that it really sucks.

"But I like it"

It is ok that it isn't the best beer in the world. The main purpose of making this beer was to use up Mr. Beer ingredients that were about to go past their expiration date.

I brought a couple of liters of this to my wife's family reunion. There, Huera (or as I think it should be spelled ... "Wetta") was kind enough to drink them up. She shared with a few family members. I don't think anyone was a real fan of the beer. Huera did finish up the two bottles, though, so at least it was not undrinkable.

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