Thursday, August 02, 2012

Everyday should be #IPADay

It seems every American craft brewery and brew-pub brews an IPA. Actually, the vast majority of them do several. You would think with all the IPA's out there we would all get bored with them, but we don't.

If I don't know what to get in a restaurant or at the liquor store, an American IPA is my fail safe. I almost always know I will like it. It is not necessarily my favorite style of beer, but quite often it will be my favorite in whatever tasting room I am in.

Again, everyone has one.

Here are some pictures of IPA's I have thoroughly enjoyed recently:

Odell IPA ... one of the best

Breckenridge Brewery's Elevation Belgium Double IPA

Eric's IPA by Great Divide Brewing

Standup Double IPA by Golden City Brewery

Telemark IPA by Backcountry Brewery

Firestone Walker's Union Jack IPA

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