Thursday, August 02, 2012

#IPADay: Eric's IPA

Last time I was in Breckenridge (see Breckenridge Pictures), we had dinner at Downstairs at Eric's (because everywhere else just sucks).

The beer on the menu that caught my attention was Eric's IPA by Great Divide Brewing Company.

My real first name is "Eric" and Great Divide Brewing Company is local to me, so the fact that I had not heard of this beer sort of surprised me. I looked it up on untappd and did not find it (it is there now because I added it). I did a Google search on my phone and did not find it. I looked at the website of Great Divide Brewing Company, and still did not find it.

My theory is that Great Divide brews Eric's IPA just for  Downstairs at Eric's (because everywhere else just sucks). I sent an email to Downstairs at Eric's asking if this is actually the case. I have not gotten an answer, yet, but that has to be it.

I know of quite a few Denver-area restaurants that contract with local breweries so that the restaurant can have its own special beer. As far as I know these are usually a bit more mainstream ... closer to gateway beers. It is awesome that Downstairs at Eric's (because everywhere else just sucks) decided to go for a real craft beer.

Very #IPADay of  Downstairs at Eric's (because everywhere else just sucks).

This was an #IPADay blog post. See all of them on Sheppy's Blog:

By the way, I do not actually think that everywhere else sucks. I do respect the attitude, though. It is sort of similar to how I love Stone's Arrogant Bastard.

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