Thursday, August 02, 2012

#IPADay on Belgium IPAs

Generally speaking, I am not a fan of Belgium IPAs. OR maybe I should say in the past I have not been a fan.

I have told myself and others ... even written on this blog that for the most part, if I want a hoppy IPA, I am not really in the mood for the Belgium funk. If I feel like the Belgium funk, I'm not really looking for the citrusy hops of an American IPA.

But I am pretty sure that I have really enjoyed the past few Belgo-IPA's I've had.

The last one I had was at the Breckenridge Brew Pub in Breckenridge (as opposed to the ones in Denver). I had an Elevation Belgium Double IPA, and the comment I made on untappd was "This honestly has to be the best Belgium IPA I have ever had."

It is not that often that I drink them, but I seem to recall that I have had similar reactions to the past few I have tried. I still think this is not a beer that I will drink more than one in a sitting, but for special occasions, I don't seem to mind the Belgian IPAs anymore.

Of course, a Belgian IPA is an American creation and actually personifies the spirit of the craft beer movement. Some innovative idiot said to himherself. "I like IPAs. I like Belgium funk. I wonder what would happen if I mixed the two.

And ... for some people, it works. Apparently some people (yours truly) can be won over.

Are you having a happy #IPADay? What have you had and/or what are you drinking to celebrate? Leave a comment (PLEASE).

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