Thursday, August 02, 2012

An #IPADay sampling of my beer fridge

Here is the IPA's and IPA-like beer that I have in my commercial beer fridge right now:

You can click on the photo for a closer-up view

From left to right:

Oskar Blues Deviant Dales IPA -- I have had this beer once while camping at Kelsey Campground before our First Family Backpacking Trip, and it was AWESOME. At the moment, I cannot think of a double IPA that I like more. Plus, like lots (most ... alll?) of Oskar Blues beers, it comes in a can. This is great for going camping.

Firestone Walker Double Jack -- I have not tried this beer yet. It is on my list, so eventually, I will be blogging about it. Not sure when this will be.

Twisted Pine Hoppy Boy IPA -- A Colorado beer and winner of my poll. I have not had this one yet, but it is my official #IPADay beer, and so I will be having this tonight.

Firestone Walker Union Jack -- Also on my list, and already checked off. Remember, I blogged about it: Firestone Walker Union Jack. Really a nice beer. Nice and hoppy, but IMHO not too bitter.

G'Knight Imperial Red --  Actually just had this for the first time last night. I love the Imperial Red style of beer, so the fact that I have never tried this Colorado beer before is somewhat shocking.

Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA -- You may remember that I blogged about this beer back in March (see Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA). I am not a fan of this beer. It is too boozy for me. Luckily for Sam, lots of other people are fans, and so Calagione probably doesn't really care that I did not like it. Maybe I will like it more now that it has been aged a bit.

Breckenridge Brewery Lucky U IPA -- I love this beer. Bonus ... I can get it in a can and take it camping. I have also blogged about this beer (see Lucky U IPA).

Dogfish Head India Brown Ale -- This is NOT an IPA, but is (sort of) hopped like one, so you could say it is IPA-like. It was on my 2011 list, but I didn't come across it until after the 2012 list came out. Eventually, I will blog about this beer. (spoiler alert ... I think a beer called "India" Brown should be hoppier).

So those are the IPAs or IPA-like-beers in my commercial beer fridge on #IPADay. Stay tuned to find out which of these beers I actually drink tonight.

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