Thursday, August 02, 2012

#IPADay ... liking it #InTheCan

I have to admit .... I like it in the can.

They told Dale Katechis that he was crazy years ago for packaging Dales Pale Ale in a can. He didn't listen.

I am glad he didn't. I like to get craft beers in cans.

Why? Well, I like to go hiking and camping, and it is much more convenient for me to bring aluminum cans than glass bottles.

And there is just something about drinking a fine crafted IPA in the wilderness of Colorado that just speaks to me. For some reason, I just REALLY like hoppy American IPAs while camping. I mean, I like them all the time, but for some reason they are even more suited for the wilderness.

If you actually follow this blog, you probably know that our family went on our first backpacking adventure this past weekend (see First Family Backpacking Trip). I do not bring beers with me backpacking, but Thursday night we stayed in an established campground and I had some canned craft beers.

Ok ... not an IPA, but wonderful hops. Great camping beer

Technically .. probably an APA ... but such a hoppy flavor, it is close enough for me.

This is the first Deviant Dales I have had

It is currently my favorite double IPA

Do you think I'm weird for photographing beer cans on camping trips? You are probably right.

And so ... now ... thanks to Dale Katechis and his crazy idea to start packing craft beer in cans, just about all the craft breweries are following suit. At least .. most of the Colorado breweries are doing it. If you are still in the opinion that bottled beer is superior to canned beer, I would say you are behind the times. At some point I may blog about it, but for now just trust the fact that a canned beer is in no way inferior to a bottled beer. In many ways the can is superior to the bottle as a packaging vessel.

So there you go ... I like my IPAs #InTheCan.

Do you have any favorite canned beers? (leave a comment below)

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  1. We are actually getting a lot more requests for aluminum bottles now from small breweries. It's kind of the best of both worlds. What would your thoughts be on that?

  2. Hey ... thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, Adam.

    I like the aluminum bottles for the same reasons I like the cans.

    At the moment, I see more cans in the liquor stores than I do the aluminum bottles, but I think that is only because the aluminum bottles are relatively new. If I saw a beer I wanted to take camping, I would absolutely grab it in the aluminum bottle.

  3. Sorry, took a while to get back. Aluminum cans are newer, so they're not as common. You can shape aluminum bottles more creatively though, and I think that's why you're seeing a lot more craft and microbreweries using them.

    Both wind up being much better choices than bottles though (even for beer taste - especially when it comes to green bottles)