Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Brew Dogs in "Denver"

Have you been watching Brew Dogs?

I have, and I really enjoy the show. The fact that I like it means it probably will not last very long, so you should probably watch it now before it gets cancelled.

The show is about James and Martin from BrewDog Brewery. You know ... of the famed End of History 55% ABV beer. James and Martin travel across the United States exploring craft beer towns. In every episode, they meet up with one iconic brewer and work on brewing a beer that uses local ingredients that capture the essence of the area they are in. If you are a craft beer geek ... especially a home-brewer, I don't think you can help but like this show.

Last night, was their "Denver" show. The brewer they met up with was Dale Katechis of Oskar Blues. Oskar Blues is a great choice, and Dale Katechis is absolutely a famous iconic brewer, but they are not in Denver. I would not even say they are close to Denver.

Picture Stolen From Brew Dog's Facebook Page
During the episode, the guys always do a Top 5 Craft Breweries list of the town they are in.

You can see their Top 5 "Denver" Craft Breweries list in the image above.

On this list, Odell and New Belgium are in Fort Collins, which is in no stretch of the imagination part of Denver.

Left Hand Brewing Company is a bit closer, but still not Denver. Not even what I would call part of the Denver Metro area.

Avery is in Boulder. Again, sort of close, but again, not.

Of the list, only Great Divide Brewing Company is actually a Denver Brewery.

The fact that they expanded their geographic area for their list is fine. I actually have no problem with it. And, these are all fine breweries, although they only picked the bigger, more nationally famous regional breweries when it seems they could have gone more small and local.

One thing that sort of rubbed me the wrong way, though ... when the announcer got to #2 on the list, they called Great Divide "one of the few breweries in the city limits of Denver". I've read articles that say the same thing, but Denver has lots of breweries. Most of them are small breweries that don't have a national presence, but there are several none-the-less. To say otherwise is just wrong, and lazy research.

I have a partial list at Denver Breweries. There have been many added since I did that list.

Anyway ... it doesn't matter. I still enjoyed the show and will continue to watch it every week.

Until, that is, they cancel the show because it is one of the few T.V. shows I like to watch.


  1. Not saying I didn't have a great time in Denver, I more than did, but if all of those breweries were in Denver I would have died!

    I went to a lot of awesome places in Denver and I wish they would have paid them some sort of acknowledgement rather than going with big names. The casual beer goer will miss a lot unless they take the advice of a geek like me, or someone who knows the area far better than I do. (I have barely put a scratch on the surface of all the stuff I learned about after my trip. Why couldn't people suggest those places before I boarded my plane home?)


  2. Thanks for the comment. I agree, although I do sort of see the logic of a national T.V. show wanting to give some "love" to the more well-known craft breweries. Plus, there are Soooooo many little guys I would have a very hard time picking a top 5.

  3. Thanks for pointing out the comments about a lack of Denver breweries. That rubbed me the wrong way as well.

  4. You're welcome, Anonymous. Thank you for chiming in. Like I mentioned, I have seen articles saying the same thing. Not sure where this perception comes from unless they are completely ignoring the little ones

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